How CEOs, Board Members, Executives Should Use Linked In

by Jon Burgess MBA – RedFusion Media, Inc. 7/24/12 The full article is posted at our corporate site, “An Executive’s Guide to Using Linkedin – CEO, Directors, Board Members” What is LinkedIn used for? In the simplest terms, LinkedIn is a Web 3.0 Rolodex, meaning it is a living document with social interaction.  It is a great place to keep your business contacts, so that when they move to a new job, you’re still connected. Of the social media platforms, LinkedIn is the most important

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Pope Blesses Social Media

Social media just got a big backer, the Pope.  Although he doesn’t seem to be Tweeting yet, he did give his blessing. “The pope issued a message titled “Truth, Proclamation and Authenticity of Life in the Digital Age.” He gives his blessing to social networking, while cautioning people about the dangers of choosing virtual friendships over real-life connections.

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