Google Changed Algorithms again this week.

Google’s always moving and improving.  I happened to try Google Voice this last week, it is pretty cool.  Google did make a change to their search, this all affects SEO guys. We saw significant increases of our SEO clients who focus on “local”.  Google is working hard to figure out who local services and companies are, and they are trying to get rid of duplication or content that’s only focus is to create advertising revenue. “in the last day

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Links from .EDU’s carry more authority.

Here is a great SEO tid-bit from the Wall Street Journal Internet search experts say that sites associated with educational institutions, which come with “.edu” in their Web addresses, are often considered by Google’s search algorithm to be more authoritative than commercial sites. Experts say educational sites rarely link to commercial sites, so a shopping site can surge in Google rankings if an .edu page links to it. Read more:

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Search Engine Optimization Starts with Authority

Search Engine Optimization is about two main things,  niche content (which contains your keywords) and Authority. Authority is gained by a few things, having your content pages linked to by others or listings of your site on other websites like directories.  Getting these links, or backlinks as Google calls them, is the core to what Google considers Authority.  The more links, the more authority. I have told a story about the importance of links for about 8 or 9

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SEO Writing – Write for People, Not Search Engines

I’m an SEM expert, which means I think very highly of my SEO skills.  I have built hundreds of websites and do very well on SEO.  I’m not a detail guy, I’m not even worried about all the “little SEO tricks”, I advocate writing GOOD content. More than 10 years ago, before Google, we told clients, “Content is King”.  Content is the key to SEO.  Not the idea that “Keywords” are the key to SEO. Some food for thought.

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