Legos & Keywords… What doesn’t matter as much as you thought in marketing

Today I wrote a post about how keywords are not as valuable as you might have been told.  It is important to keep your perspective when marketing, that while your content contains words, some of which may be key, your content and context is much more valuable. So, to tell the story, I used my boys and their Legos as a parallel to how you can build creative content. So read the rest of my story “Marketing Landscape –

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Weekly Keyword Wins

We have lots of keyword campaigns running, so I’m going to give shout outs to some of my weekly winners. Google #1  – California wood window manufacturing, we only just started this campaign for a custom window and door maker here in Southern California. Bing #1, Yahoo #1 – Inland Southern California, for our local Inland Empire directory and news outlet. Google#1, Bing #1, Yahoo #1 – Side Mortise Tape, a product for windows, that keeps your windows from falling on your

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SEO Writing – Write for People, Not Search Engines

I’m an SEM expert, which means I think very highly of my SEO skills.  I have built hundreds of websites and do very well on SEO.  I’m not a detail guy, I’m not even worried about all the “little SEO tricks”, I advocate writing GOOD content. More than 10 years ago, before Google, we told clients, “Content is King”.  Content is the key to SEO.  Not the idea that “Keywords” are the key to SEO. Some food for thought.

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