I’ll be speaking about Marketing on a Shoestring Budget

Join me at the Greater Riverside Chamber of Commerce this Friday as I speak about Integrated Marketing on a Shoestring Budget. The seminar will be held at the Chamber’s Bourns Boardroom from 7:00-9:00am on Friday, Aug. 24. I’ll be speaking with other top industry professionals,Aaron Norris of The Cocktail Party Statement and Phil Pitchford of CQ Media Group LLC. Read more at http://www.inlandempire.us/marketing-advertising/marketing-shoestring-budget-friday-greater-riverside-chambers-commerce/

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What’s Going On?

Blogging sure doesn’t come naturally to most Gen-X’ers, it really is the younger crowd’s thing.  So it has been awhile since I last posted.  Not much has changed, I think Twitter is a waist of time, but Facebook is growing on me for marketing reasons. Here is a snap shot of what gone on: We found a great new email marketing tool, and it also has survey and rating functions. The RedFusion team won some great Internet Marketing Awards at the

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