Brand Thoughts

We at RedFusion Media continue to test the ideas of “BRAND”.  We always wonder what others think about it, so we question our definition of brand regularly.  Brand is a reaching thing, that goes beyond our organization’s control, but we as members of the organization are always fiddling with it. The Internet landscape is also shifting, always being fiddled with.  We do have interesting new control over social media, which attaches to our brand, but few of us really

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Thought’s about a handshake

@30k feet somewhere over Texas.  I’ve been proofing my fathers book, and after a week at Admerica!, I thought I’d jot this thought down. Relationships are a hand shake. Small businesses still shake hands often. Big business’s don’t have enough hands to shake. They never make strong handshakes, thus they replace it with brand Therefore, brand is a ghost handshake.   Some are so ghostly you can’t ever shake them, other times you may get a glimpse of a

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