SEO Writing – Write for People, Not Search Engines

I’m an SEM expert, which means I think very highly of my SEO skills.  I have built hundreds of websites and do very well on SEO.  I’m not a detail guy, I’m not even worried about all the “little SEO tricks”, I advocate writing GOOD content.

More than 10 years ago, before Google, we told clients, “Content is King”.  Content is the key to SEO.  Not the idea that “Keywords” are the key to SEO.

Some food for thought.  I never write anything that is based on keywords, or some keyword map.  If you write to keywords then the content loses its quality, and the links to the site are never natural.  If you write good content, others will link to it, so your getting more than just farmed links.  Yes, good content should have keywords, just don’t write the content about the keywords.

Imitation is the best form of flattery.

How Does Google Work
How Does Google Work?

One of my highest traffic-ed pages is How Does Google Work.”  I get tons of traffic to it and it still can be found on the first page of Google.  Now, the content was actually written as a paper for my MBA, so it was more about the company than about the about how the Google algorithm works.  It was authoritative, sighted facts, and was not written for search engines.

Imitation, and the resulting flattery comes from a competitor of ours, they actually are great designers and I don’t believe we have ever lost or won bids that involve them (we’re marketers, they are designers).  But, in more than few keywords market niches they tried to grab our traffic. So, they wrote a page, “An SEO Critique: How Does Google Work.”  Their’s is not found anywhere in Google, and if you read it, the content is completely written for search engines.  All key worded up, the page really has no meat, and shows you that content which is written for readers wins over content written for search engines.

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