Search Engine Optimization Starts with Authority

Search Engine Optimization is about two main things,  niche content (which contains your keywords) and Authority.

Authority is gained by a few things, having your content pages linked to by others or listings of your site on other websites like directories.  Getting these links, or backlinks as Google calls them, is the core to what Google considers Authority.  The more links, the more authority.

I have told a story about the importance of links for about 8 or 9 years.  It is the easiest way I can express what the value of the links are, and the authority they have.

Say you get cancer.  Who do you ask about finding a doctor?  You probably ask your best friend (who is not a doctor), who just went through a bad case of cancer and over came it.  You don’t ask the drunk guy at the end of the bar, “hey, do you know a great cancer doctor?”  I always throw in, the drunk guy at the end of the bar, well he is the world’s best cancer doctor, just out having some drinks.

Now, the moral of the story is that you went to the person you trusted, the one you gave authority to.   Not the person you didn’t know, who was not in the position of authority, even if they truly were the real authority on the subject.

Websites need to build authority, in all cycles of their development.

You therefore need a plan to build links.

Need help with a plan?  Send me an email jon @ jonburgess dot com, we can chat.

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