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Magazines Post Ad Revenue Increase for 1st time in 3yrs

Magazines have been struggling in our tight economy over the past few years.  Along with all Print, magazines down turn was probably tied to consumer spending decreases, which eroded the “Brand” budgets of large consumer marketers. Advertising revenue at consumer magazines rose 3 percent in 2010 to about $20 billion, according to data from rate cards compiled by the Publishers Information Bureau. (Reuters)

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Getting to Number 1 on Bing

It is so important to build pages and content that can be found by search engines.  Google and Bing, play the most important roll in building your regular, sustainable traffic growth. Content is King.  Build knowing that you can add quality content.  Optimized pages would then be Queen.  Having pages that can be read, that emphasize the content is the mate to content.  Winning then just comes down to how many peons thing the King & Queen are good rulers. Recently

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Advertising Spending Up for 3rd Qt. 2010

With a hopeful out look on 2011, reported today, advertising spending is up.  In a New York Times report, 3rd Quarter advertising spending rose 8.37% for the 3rd quarter of last year. Marketers always tell clients to keep spending advertising dollars, even in tough times, but as business owners we know that is not always our first choice for budgets.  But, which such a healthy increase for the 3rd quarter, we have to assume that businesses are feeling more

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Search Engine Optimization Starts with Authority

Search Engine Optimization is about two main things,  niche content (which contains your keywords) and Authority. Authority is gained by a few things, having your content pages linked to by others or listings of your site on other websites like directories.  Getting these links, or backlinks as Google calls them, is the core to what Google considers Authority.  The more links, the more authority. I have told a story about the importance of links for about 8 or 9

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SEO Writing – Write for People, Not Search Engines

I’m an SEM expert, which means I think very highly of my SEO skills.  I have built hundreds of websites and do very well on SEO.  I’m not a detail guy, I’m not even worried about all the “little SEO tricks”, I advocate writing GOOD content. More than 10 years ago, before Google, we told clients, “Content is King”.  Content is the key to SEO.  Not the idea that “Keywords” are the key to SEO. Some food for thought.

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Online Ad Dollars Will Pass Newspapers in 2010

Another milestone for the Internet, with advertising spend passing newspaper sales.   I think the milestone is less importance to the web as it is an indicator of decline among circulation in the news industry.   While some papers may gain on their own online ad sales, it is clear that the old model is gone. Reported by eMarketer, you can see the continuing decline of news sales, and the increase online. te the graph includes “news” dollars of online and

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Internet Magic!

Boy, it is tough to continue to stop people who still think that the Internet is easy, makes you a ton of money, and you don’t have to work. Fact is, it is hard work.  Building online systems to help you automate and close business isn’t magic, but the results are magical either.  We are to a point in Internet maturity where you have to actually take as much time building and maintaining a site as you would a

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No plan, high hopes, and the Internet = Failure

A true client story I have always told my client, “the internet is IMPORTANT”.  Some have listened, but most thought is was a novalty. As recently as April 2008, I had a prospect come in my office that wanted to have a successful 100K non-profit auction. He said that if it went bad, then he and his business companions would be looking for a job this fall. His board was filled with builders/developers (all of whom were struggling in

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Building Technology Partnerships

Being in Internet marketing, not “Computer’s” as many of my clients assume, means that I and my team don’t have enough time to build cool programs, widgets, plugins, and tools.  Finding and then building great technology partnerships is a must. 1. Partners bring expertise to the table, much of which they will teach you for free as long as you honor your partnership. 2. Partnerships are about relationships, and having good relationships with partners allows you to critic and/or criticize

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