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Integrated Marketing presented to the American Marketing Association Inland Empire

I enjoyed speaking to the full house at the American Marketing Association, Inland Empire.   For those of you that attended, I hope I was able to help paint a picture about the challenges integrating your marketing plans, with online marketing tactics. I promised you could view my slides, and here they are,

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Finally – A Flash to HTML5 Conversion

My firm has been worried about Flash and compatibly with mostly Apple for the past few years. With mobile phones and other devises that don’t run Flash, clearly we have been concerned that our clients, and all their design would have to be re-done.  But I just read, that Adobe Labs now has a drag and drop tool to convert your existing flash to HTML5. Wallaby, a cross-platform Adobe AIR application, is a tool that allows users to instantly convert Flash

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Google Changed Algorithms again this week.

Google’s always moving and improving.  I happened to try Google Voice this last week, it is pretty cool.  Google did make a change to their search, this all affects SEO guys. We saw significant increases of our SEO clients who focus on “local”.  Google is working hard to figure out who local services and companies are, and they are trying to get rid of duplication or content that’s only focus is to create advertising revenue. “in the last day

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Links from .EDU’s carry more authority.

Here is a great SEO tid-bit from the Wall Street Journal Internet search experts say that sites associated with educational institutions, which come with “.edu” in their Web addresses, are often considered by Google’s search algorithm to be more authoritative than commercial sites. Experts say educational sites rarely link to commercial sites, so a shopping site can surge in Google rankings if an .edu page links to it. Read more:

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Why I’m a Chrome User.

IE continues to lose share of the browser market to Chrome and Safari, although some losses come from older browsers. Credit: Net Applications; Stephen Shankland/CNET News

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I’ll be at “Brands that ROCK”, Open Panel.

Come join the AAF-Inland Empire for an evening of information and inspiration with our “Brands That Rock” program.  A panel of experts from Disney, Juice it up, No Fear and many more will share their insights on staying relevant in a changing marketplace. Utilizing social media, members will be able to “tweet” their questions and concerns prior to the event so that panelists will have time to address them in this forum.  This will be an evening affair that will start

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Pope Blesses Social Media

Social media just got a big backer, the Pope.  Although he doesn’t seem to be Tweeting yet, he did give his blessing. “The pope issued a message titled “Truth, Proclamation and Authenticity of Life in the Digital Age.” He gives his blessing to social networking, while cautioning people about the dangers of choosing virtual friendships over real-life connections.

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Weekly Keyword Wins

We have lots of keyword campaigns running, so I’m going to give shout outs to some of my weekly winners. Google #1  – California wood window manufacturing, we only just started this campaign for a custom window and door maker here in Southern California. Bing #1, Yahoo #1 – Inland Southern California, for our local Inland Empire directory and news outlet. Google#1, Bing #1, Yahoo #1 – Side Mortise Tape, a product for windows, that keeps your windows from falling on your

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