No plan, high hopes, and the Internet = Failure

A true client story

I have always told my client, “the internet is IMPORTANT”.  Some have listened, but most thought is was a novalty. As recently as April 2008, I had a prospect come in my office that wanted to have a successful 100K non-profit auction.

He said that if it went bad, then he and his business companions would be looking for a job this fall. His board was filled with builders/developers (all of whom were struggling in the 2008 housing and construction downturn in Southern California), they said they were in the 40s to 60s, a not comfortable with this whole “Internet thing”.

I wanted to screem, “What the Hell!!!”, but I didn’t, I sat back and listened, and as most non-profits do, they trailed on and on with budgets (none), big ideas (too many), no plan (as usual), and a lack of any common sense.

During that meeting I made some notes.  As I read them today more than 2 years later, I figured I would reflect on what came to be.

1.  We never took on the project.  That was the right choice for us.  Although the project seemed fun, it clearly had no plan, so we as a marketing company need a plan.

2.  The plan would have failed.  Too often people put crazy ideas together, sighting someone that had succeeded online.  To often, they don’t see the amount of work it takes to make it all happen.

3.  They failed, just like he predicted.  They all left the company (fired or resigned), the non-profit was absorbed by a sister Los Angeles chapter.

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