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3 Things I learned about Marketing Today #3TILT 11/17/15

Google RankBrain

I have won a number of views on “Google PageRank” and have always been fascinated by “How Google Works,”  and in the past few weeks Google has released to the public how it has been developing “machine learning” to improve Google search results. This is very important to anyone with a website, more to come..

Reports say, “Google RankBrain is now the #3 most important factor in search results”

Content is King and Good Kings Blog

I have been really pushing for more writing; myself, my team, my clients. We need to be creating more information for our websites so that they are leaders online. I have written a number of stories on why to blog and the value of building content, but I thought I would share some new numbers.

HubSpot (the world’s leading marketing automation software) tracks it’s internal success and the success of HubSpot users with a number called “CHI.” You get -10 to your CHI score if you don’t blog in a month. It is the only number in any of the categories that goes negative.

So, if the biggest and brightest on marketing software penalize you for not blogging, maybe it is time to start blogging.

Hand Coding RSS Feeds

We have been using RSS feeds to port data back and forth between websites for years. In fact in 2006, we worked with a great partner, MacMillan Interactive to build an RSS engine that was outside of a blog. MacMillan still runs WebMediaWire almost 10 years later.

RSS is great because it creates control of the information on your website, like your blog, then allows the world to pull it into their site. I tell clients, “RSS is like a modern day news wire.”

Well, today after 15+ years in the business of website design, I hand-coded some RSS. And let me tell you, if you are off one character, you are screwed. Guess that is why I hire webmasters.

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