Building Technology Partnerships

Being in Internet marketing, not “Computer’s” as many of my clients assume, means that I and my team don’t have enough time to build cool programs, widgets, plugins, and tools.  Finding and then building great technology partnerships is a must.

1. Partners bring expertise to the table, much of which they will teach you for free as long as you honor your partnership.

2. Partnerships are about relationships, and having good relationships with partners allows you to critic and/or criticize business practices or marketing plans before going public.

3. Partnerships save time and money.

Some Great Partnerships I have.

NetWaiter – Provides online ordering and marketing solutions to restaurants.  As a marketing tool, NetWaiter enables restaurant customers to conveniently order takeout and delivery, with out the need to understand the technology.

For me, I didn’t have to reinvent the wheel or right code. NetWaiter was able to provide me the technology for  NetWaiter is able to leverage my relationships to build his business.

MacMillan InteractiveAn ancient in Internet time, he started early providing data base solutions before technology became more standard.  Relying on Rick MacMillan’s wealth of knowledge and experiences, my company has not only saved money, but made tremendous strides forward that we could have never down, including our partnership.

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