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We at RedFusion Media continue to test the ideas of “BRAND”.  We always wonder what others think about it, so we question our definition of brand regularly.  Brand is a reaching thing, that goes beyond our organization’s control, but we as members of the organization are always fiddling with it.

The Internet landscape is also shifting, always being fiddled with.  We do have interesting new control over social media, which attaches to our brand, but few of us really use it to our advantage?

So back to our current thoughts about brand.

  1. Brand is personal.  We are people, we create a part of the brand.
  2. Shaking hands is the first step of the brand relationship. Shaking hands is almost timeless, so to should our brand.
  3. What happens when we aren’t there to explain or protect our brand?  Brand is the communication that we ourselves can not make, because we are not available for the conversation.
  4. What about when you have no competition, do you even need brand?

I would challenge your organization to think about brand daily, just like you think about email, or social media.  Brand is just as important as email…

Some of our team will be at Brand vs Branding and Why Your Organization Should this Thursday, we hope to challenge our thought and encourage our clients who are in the Riverside area to join us.

Presented By Russ Cornelius (@SDBrandSavant), Owner of Marketing Savants & Brand Savants is a tenured brand developer and should have some great insights into practicing the art of branding.





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