Bing Focuses in on Local | Google Webmaster Tip | Facebook Founder is POY

Bing Focuses on Local

AdWeek Reports – Microsoft Upgrades Bing; Expands Pact With Facebook

Microsoft unveiled on Wednesday (Dec. 15) a spate of new features and functions aimed at differentiating its fledgling search engine Bing from Google. The announcement includes more localized content and an expansion of its partnership with Facebook. Read Full Story.

Google Webmaster Tip – Not Found Errors

I use Google Webmaster tools on about 50% of my clients, those who have larger sites or are paying for SEO services.  One of the most important things about the tool is checking your “Not Found Errors”.  These are critical, because it shows you when you’ve done some bad web mastering.  Fixing these errors is a must, and it tells Google and Bing that you care about the links your creating.  Having errors does hurt your site, so take 5 minutes and check out your Webmaster “Not Found Errors”

Time Magazine Picks Mark Zuckerberg, Founder of Facebook as Person of the Year.

Becoming the second youngest person of the year, Charles Lindbergh was 25, Mark is 26, shows the amount of influence that Facebook has created over the last 2 to 5 years.  I have heard, 25% of all clicks in the Internet now happen on Facebook, and 1 in 10 people in the world have a page.  Zuckerberg deserves the person of the year.,29307,2037103,00.html

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