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3 Things I learned about Marketing Today #3TILT 11/17/15 Google RankBrain I have won a number of views on “Google PageRank” and have always been fascinated by “How Google Works,”  and in the past few weeks Google has released to the public how it has been developing “machine learning” to improve Google search results. This is very important to anyone with a website, more to come.. Reports say, “Google RankBrain is now the #3 most important factor in search results” Moz

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Legos & Keywords… What doesn’t matter as much as you thought in marketing

Today I wrote a post about how keywords are not as valuable as you might have been told.  It is important to keep your perspective when marketing, that while your content contains words, some of which may be key, your content and context is much more valuable. So, to tell the story, I used my boys and their Legos as a parallel to how you can build creative content. So read the rest of my story “Marketing Landscape –

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I’ll be speaking on Social Media Marketing 101 For Business

Learn Social Networking 101 this Friday at the Greater Riverside Chamber of Commerce. RedFusion Media’s Jon Burgess will be one of the speakers, and focus on how businesses can use social media techniques to nurture and pull visitors to their site. This seminar will show you how to take advantage of the resources available with social networking. You will learn effective techniques to accelerate your marketing strategy, enhance customer relations, and reach out to a larger customer base. This experience will help

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I’ll be speaking about Marketing on a Shoestring Budget

Join me at the Greater Riverside Chamber of Commerce this Friday as I speak about Integrated Marketing on a Shoestring Budget. The seminar will be held at the Chamber’s Bourns Boardroom from 7:00-9:00am on Friday, Aug. 24. I’ll be speaking with other top industry professionals,Aaron Norris of The Cocktail Party Statement and Phil Pitchford of CQ Media Group LLC. Read more at

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How CEOs, Board Members, Executives Should Use Linked In

by Jon Burgess MBA – RedFusion Media, Inc. 7/24/12 The full article is posted at our corporate site, “An Executive’s Guide to Using Linkedin – CEO, Directors, Board Members” What is LinkedIn used for? In the simplest terms, LinkedIn is a Web 3.0 Rolodex, meaning it is a living document with social interaction.  It is a great place to keep your business contacts, so that when they move to a new job, you’re still connected. Of the social media platforms, LinkedIn is the most important

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Brand Thoughts

We at RedFusion Media continue to test the ideas of “BRAND”.  We always wonder what others think about it, so we question our definition of brand regularly.  Brand is a reaching thing, that goes beyond our organization’s control, but we as members of the organization are always fiddling with it. The Internet landscape is also shifting, always being fiddled with.  We do have interesting new control over social media, which attaches to our brand, but few of us really

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It’s official, I’m an Ex-President

Jon Burgess is now an Ex-President. A fun couple of years has come to an end, as I pass the Presidency of AAF-Inland Empire to Jacob Poore.  Most importantly AAF has led me down the road to some great new friendships, helped me with ideas, moved me forward as a marketer, and I have been lucky to attend the past three AAF AdMerica! conferences (lots of fun). Networking is at the top of my list for my AAF experiences, which will

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Thought’s about a handshake

@30k feet somewhere over Texas.  I’ve been proofing my fathers book, and after a week at Admerica!, I thought I’d jot this thought down. Relationships are a hand shake. Small businesses still shake hands often. Big business’s don’t have enough hands to shake. They never make strong handshakes, thus they replace it with brand Therefore, brand is a ghost handshake.   Some are so ghostly you can’t ever shake them, other times you may get a glimpse of a

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Best Local Website Award

We won an award for “Best Local Website” for our site from the readers/voters of the San Bernardino County Sun and Redlands Daily Facts.  Check out the story on Inland Empire’s Best Local Website.  This was a collaboration between our restaurant marketing partner NetWaiter, and RedFusion Media., the only local restaurant guide providing online ordering capabilities, received top honors from the 2011 Annual Readers Choice Awards, sponsored by the San Bernardino Sun and Redlands Daily Facts. The unique website is San Bernardino

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