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Looking for someone to educate and lead your business to better marketing? I speak on marketing and all things that relate to building relationships with your customer.

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Need a unique thought about marketing, a quote, an interview or answers to a complex marketing question? Feel free to drop me a note. I’ll follow back up as fast as I can.

Some interesting facts about Jon Burgess.

  • Believes that if government was run like a football team, we’d all be better off.  Face it, some people just need to sit on the bench, and if one of us looses the game, we all loose the game.
  • Capitalist.  Understanding that marketing is the center to any successful company.
  • Would rather be skiing right now.

Son of a serial entrepreneur, Ronald L. Burgess, Jon grew up running around and taking out the trash for  Old Soft Shoe, Stratus Group, Burgess Management Consulting, and eventually partnering with his old man and mother, Molly Burgess, in founding RedFusion Media, Inc. in 1999.

I have worked with literally 1,000’s of people working on hundreds of websites, and in the process have become an advocate of integrating traditional media and marketing plans with online marketing/communication tracts.

I read lots of blogs, follow industry feeds, and think the Wall Street Journal is still the pinnacle of business news.  In the last few years I have participated in the American Advertising Federation, Inland Empire chapter on the board of directors.  Participating at a board level has  exposed me to my competition, which revealed that our company really isn’t in competition with my competitors. The understanding that our business really isn’t competing against other agencies has allowed me to grow, find mentors, and met with people I would never had access to.   Being involved has also taken me to National and Regional advertising conferences, allowing me access to industry leaders.

I have been involved in all areas of design and Internet production, leading my team to “Best of Show” ADDY awards in 2010, for Interactive/Web.  Building “cool” is always cool, but focusing on “cool” websites is not what I believe in. Although it is nice to be cool, building website that achieve their goals is what interests me, and it fosters long-term client relationships, which is the goal of any marketing relationship.

I live in the Inland Empire, which is an industrial power-house, and the ugly step-brother to Orange County and Los Angeles.

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Yes, I have been on the Internet so long, I own my name in every case.

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